"If our translations are better than the original, then we've achieved our goal."

Bastien ZARA - Founder



When Owle Translations was hatched in 2017, it was to revolutionize the translation industry.

While everyone else was talking about quality, it was only meant for professionals and driven by money. Translation is so much more.


That's where we swoop in.


We provide not only quality English to French translations in the field of nature, but we give a hoot about owls. We are big believers in our work contributing to good causes such as nature, climate change, animal rights, or endangered species. Above all, we're here to foster innovation and creativity.

Owle is all about being human.




We have big dreams. As we grow, we want to educate schools and involve kids in giving a hoot by learning about owls and through building owl shelters. We want to do so much more, but we can't do it without you!

Our website evolves with seasons! Your next visit might be different... 

About the founder

Bastien Zara came across the idea for a translation agency that would enrich his passion for nature with a focus on the mental health of his qualified translators.


He has a translation degree from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and spent 23 years living in Lyon, France.


As a total nerd for video games, nature, and technology, it came naturally when he brought together his passions to create Owle.


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